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This message aims at: suggesting an idea to improve Numista

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Now that the mint feature has been introduced, search by mint is the next logical step
To search by mint can be understand in two ways:
  1. To search all the coins with a mint place. For example, to search all coins minted in Antwerp.
  2. To search which mint is a letter or picture description. For example, to search the mints, or the coins, with a hand.
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What I meant, search coins by mint :)
Your second idea is also interesting
Status changed to Accepted (Xavier, 14-Feb-2020, 02:02PM)
Bonjour Xavier,
So, do I understand it correctly?
1) If I will search coins from "Kremnica mint" I will find ALL issuers like Hungary, Austria, even modern Slovakia and Somalia which minted coins in that mint. Correct? - that would be awesome.
2) Will that apply to ruling authorities, as well? - Currently, I have to choose an issuer first, then a ruler. i.e. Hungary then Maria Theresia - as a result I get her Hungarian coins.
In the future, will I able to see all her coins from all her countries under one search? - that would be even more awesome.
Thanks for the clarification,
Yes Imre,

and even ruling houses - all coins from one house shall be searchable. <:D
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thanks for fixing my Slavonian mess.
I see at the top of the page
Votes: 13
Does that mean it is now on here?
If so where?
There is nothing on the Advanced Search page -
I see 16 different boxes, none of which say Mint.
Maybe when it is available then Accepted will change to Implemented?
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Talking of Search, if I may ask
Forum » Numista website
is at the top of this topic page (and every one of them)
and hovering over Numista website brings a list of other Forum sections.
BUT at the end of this page is the same thing, and that does not work,
only if clicking Forum, so Numista website has no list below it -
which it did do months ago. :|
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It's now possible to search coins by mint :)
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 3-May-2020, 10:34PM)

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