Swap or sell 6893 different coins, 2690 different types

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I prefer to swap based on the Numista group source valuation. It is not perfect, but it is much better than using the Krause catalog or NGC valuations whose accuracy varies between 33% and 300% of the actual collector value. I have assembled a large group of coins to trade or sell that are accurately graded in the $.50 to $5 range. I have been doing this for a long time and am particularly knowledgeable about the foreign coin marketplace.
I have accumulated over 46,000 different coins over the years and it is difficult to find anything new. Therefore, most of you will find more coins for your collection in my duplicates then I will find in yours. To remedy this, I propose you pick what you need for your collection and I will give you credit based on the same valuation method for the coins I need from you. The money generated from this method will be used to buy more coins for my collection. This should be good for all concerned. In most cases I will pay for shipping.

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