Found this gold coin while cleaning my room. Any idea what it is? [solved]

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Hello there!

I apologize if the subject of this post is too vague, I have zero knowledge about coins and wasn’t sure what to put! I’ve got no clue how this even got in my possession lol
I found this website through a Google image result and figured coming here was my best bet :)
On my own I did some browsing around this site and on Google itself but couldn’t find anything. I was hoping I could get some help as to what it could be since it’s so neat looking

I apologize again for being unable to measure and weigh it! It does have a tad bit of weight when I hold it, but I’m not sure what to compare it to

Thank you for your time!
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Either a piece from a pirate game or play/deco money is my guess.
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In case it is gold, I'd recommend to clean the room more often))
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I agree , a game "pirates" token evocating a 4 reales colonial XVIth century mexico gold Philip II
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Cool! Thanks you guys!
And lol Grinya I should
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