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This message aims at: requesting a new reference book for the catalog

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I have a problem
I want to include a coin in the catalog , but without the picture Numista referee (Eagle68) refuses to add a coin to the catalog
Now i'm interested, are there any new instructions in this regard???

For me is it is a pleasure to add a new coin to the catalog, a picture of the coin is not a problem to add, but I have to have a coin, that to add a picture.

No problem to get a picture from the internet and edit, but the problem is to get a picture legally.

I wonder if the catalog will be free of gold coins, rare and expensive coins (example is Monaco € 2 commemorative coins)... ????:o
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We do have Autorisation to use pictures from a wide variety of numismatic auction houses.
see here
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Thank you, this site I really like,:)
but still I can not find:(
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my suggestion is ...
add a basic information coin to the catalog (which is known),
everything else is added when the coin is out (original image, details from ...)

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