Kennedy-Franklin-Washington Commemorative, Liberty Commemoratives, WWII Commemorative, Large Cents, and Various Proof Coins

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I have the following coins for trade/swap. I would prefer to trade/swap but would consider purchase offers. Note: I mostly only trade for US coins.
  1. Seventeen (17+) BU and UNC Kennedy proof Half Dollars (silver & clad) from various years including bicentennial coins.
  2. Twelve (12) BU and UNC Franklin proof half-dollars (various years) .
  3. Nine (9) BU and UNC Washington Proof Commemorative 1982-S. Only one is clad.
  4. Six (6) 1986 Liberty (clad) half-dollar commemorative coins
  5. One (1) 1993 50th Anniversary of WWII commemorative clad proof coin.
  6. Several Lincoln pennies, Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, and Washington proof coins (mostly from 1970-2009).
  7. Three (3) large cents in VG condition. Years are 1847, 1851, 1852. Note: the 1847 has small dings on the rim.

All of the above coins are noted as "for swap" in my collection.
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