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Pretty simple, some coin pages only show halfway and don't allow me to add said coins to my collection.
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trying to add a set of 8 Japan commemorative coins for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics but the pages do not contain the features to add those coins.
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I have problems with adding Belgium pre Euro coins, pages don't have any options!
stratocaster Numista team
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Switzerland too
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Trying to add France 1 Centime (5th Republic) to my collection but am unable to! Same problem as mentioned above: page shows about halfway but doesn't display any dates...
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We had this problem a couple of times, only Xavier can fix this.
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You can add a coin with this bug doing exactly this:

1 - First of all select any country and show all its coins

2 - Click on options

3 - Click on display options

4 - Then click on show

5 - Now you can search any coin and the option to add it wil appear

6 - Remember to undo this option unless will appear all the years of any coin that you search
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This one, too:
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Xavier Site admin
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Sorry for this bug. It's fixed.
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Thank you for the swift fix!

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