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Where does everyone get their coins from? My local coin shop has no world coins.
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Found in circulation (usually Canada, UK, and euro)

Left behind in reject trays.

Spotted in "take a penny, leave a penny" trays.

Given to me by family and friends.

Coin stores and coin shows in my area.

Swaps and purchases from other collectors.

International travel.
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I have no coin stores near me either 8~
I get my coins through Ebay- the prices are crazy but unfortunately I have no other choice.
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I just got rid of 27 kilos of coins taking too much room in my cellar for a a swap of around 50 coins I missed!

Now I have another 30 kilos (my last ones) which will go for around 30 coins I miss, and 5 euro per kilo....

I get room and some missing coins and my partners the fun of going through a lot of mixed world coins, and everybody is happy (specially my wife!!!)

Coin variants in English:
In French on Cobra's site (not the same)
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When I started, I mostly obtained the coins by swaps, right here on this website, once you advance, I found the most reliable and resourceful to be eBay.
Other websites are way too overpriced. As per coin stores, they are disappearing, there are the coin shows as well, if you are lucky to have any organized close to you.
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Lot of crap on Ebay and a lot of overpriced stuff but if you have patience you will also find really good stuff at very good price.
otherwise on professional auction portals such as or you can find real gems too. At auction houses though you have to know that on top of the auction result price you will have to pay a fee of usually 15-25%
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Try to find people who have traveled abroad. Graigslist or similar service may help.
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If you're looking for modern common low denomination coins there are lots sold by the kilo on ebay. Those are a easy and cheap way to grow your collection. If you're looking for rare coins or precious metal coins that will cost you and finding a good deal on them is a lot harder. Your profile says you're looking for one coin of each country, most modern countries should be easy to get with ebay lots.
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Thanks!! I've sorted through a 7-pound lot purchased from Ebay, and I have another 5-pound lot on the way. The coins were mostly European and Commonwealth coins though.

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