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Hello guys, I need to know your opinion about this.

I got this coin for a dollar (with coupons and discounts) from an online marketplace.

On the reverse side of the coin, you'll notice that there is some kind of line near the "R" from "Reich". Is this an error? or a damage?

And will it affect the value at all?

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Looks like a die crash, value as a a coin with no extra line.

Coin variants in English:
In French on Cobra's site (not the same)
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I cannot see it, when I click on the reverse image, it doesn't enlarge. It might be a die crack, that occurs when the die used to mint the coins cracks slightly from the tear and wear. It is interesting to have it, but it will not increase the value of this coin in particular.
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Here fixed the link ... looks quite straight and sharp for a die crack
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Thanks for all of your responses!

I was a little bit worried that it will decrease the value of the coin, but now it's no more.

Have a great day!
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