Mint mark info lost after publication of changes

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I am flagging here a bug I encountered when adding Byzantine ruling authorities.

For a lot of coins I added all the date and officina combinations in the date lines, e.g. for this one:

But for some reason, they lost most of the info in the mint mark field once druzhynets accepted the changes...

This even happens for some coins with only a few date lines. Do you know why this happens?

Hello Strato,
It seems mintmarks for new year lines are not saved when adding new year lines to an existing coin. I'm preparing a fix.
Status changed to Started (Xavier, 23-Mar-2020, 02:31PM)
It's fixed. Unfortunately the mintmarks of all the new lines added to existing coins since about mid-February are lost :(
Status changed to Solved (Xavier, 23-Mar-2020, 02:39PM)
Thanks Xavier!
No worries, I'll try to check back all the coins. Good that the bug is fixed!

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