Venetian Golden Ducats [solved]

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Found these golden zecchini of dodges Francisco Molin and Marcantonio Giustinian. The axle is displaced around 45º and 90° as can be seen and because of that I'm conserned about their authenticity.

Is this normal ???
In those days, yes!

Coin variants in English:
In French on Cobra's site (not the same)
While the die rotation may be off, especially in older coins, I would measure their weight and diameter. If you can even test them for gold.

I am curious, where did you "find" them. That seems an awesome find, I wish I could have "finds" like that once in a lifetime!
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As others mentioned in those times it's normal. If the coin comes from a reputable source I'm sure it's fine. You could also check it's size and weight and do a gold test if needed.
I've already measured them. The diameter is 20-22mm and its weight ≈3.5gr. Unfortunately I can’t run the test at the moment for my country is under quarantine...
Anyway, thanks a lot all of you!
Size and weight are ok. Your profile says you're from Greece where these coins circulated and, although valuable, are still common. I think they're real.
They look fine to me as well!
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