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Now I know that you never clean your coins and that 99% of the time doing so won't even increase the value. But I just got some old Mexican coins and look like they were buried, so they have a lot of dirt and gunk on them. Would going over them with a wet rag be okay?
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Your coins, you can do what you want..... as long as you don't want to sell them for 'UNC' coins afterwards 0:)

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I'm just more concerned as to damaging the coin or lowering it value
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you will ruin any value the coins may have retained from burial- cleaning coins always lowers it's value
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Can you define "old Mexican coins"?
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Old being like 1950-1980, not any rarities. Also "buried" was more of a figure of speech, I was more or less saying they were covered in dirt and and powder from oxidized metal. I had to wipe away for dates. Could even a rinse off destroy the value?
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If these coins aren’t rare or valuable, and have already been in circulation, then your probably not going to hurt them any by washing and drying them. — In my opinion.

Just don’t polish them and then try to sell as “Brilliant Uncirculated.”
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