Enlarged picture view not closing

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I have this issue since quite some time but I don't know if this stems from the server migration.
Now and then when enlarging pictures, be it on a coin page or on the forum I am not able to exit this view and I have to reload the page.

I accidentally found a youtube video with the same problem. (LINK)
I'm running the newest version of Firefox.
Yes, it is terribly annoying.
Happens in Chrome too, Windows and Android.
Same for me. Has happened for a while already. Though not systematic.
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I usually have to back out of the page.
Quote: "Ecapoe"​Has happened for a while already.
Quote: "worth"​I usually have to back out of the page.
​Same for me.
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This is still happening from time to time for me
The same here. I just thought my old computer was doing difficult, but now I have a new computer and it still happens sometimes.
Yeah, this happens from time to time for me. Reloading the page seems to fix it.
I changed the solution to zoom on pictures. Please let me in case this issue occurs again.
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