An Issue with the "View the country list with my collection quantities."

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Hello all,

I've recently been trying to transfer myself back over to Numista since the other website I was using has no longer prioritized its users. I had already added most of my coins to my collection a while back, but since that time I have received some more. The easiest way for me to add these missing coins is to go to the 'My coins' tab and scroll down until I reach here...

and click the 'from which I have coins' link.

However, when I do this, some of the countries that I have coins from disappear from the list (examples below).

When I click 'all':

When I click 'from which I have coins':

I know it seems only as a minor bug, but a bug nonetheless and I love the convenience of this site and love the work that has been put into it.

Thanks in advance,
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I have the same issue:

When I click 'all':

When I click 'from which I have coins':
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Sorry for this issue. It's fixed.
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