Ability to add multiple issuers [solved]

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[Catalogue] Assign multiple ruling authorities to a coin or banknote
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Since some coins are made during multiple the rule of issuers, I propose to have the ability to add multiple issuers to a coin.

For example, this coin (https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces8065.html) has two different issuers:
- French Union (1946-1958) - For coins from 1948
- Fifth Republic (1958-date) - For coins from all other years
I fully support it.

BTW, earlier I rose similar suggestion in another thread related to selection of multiple rulers. Bright example of coin how this could be applied to is


I think multiple selection for both rulers and issuers would
1. decrease abundance of rulers and issuers list in the database
2. improve searching by rulers and issuers

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A great idea - a similar thing occurs with the pre-decimal coins from Ireland dated from 1939 to 1969;

Dominion of Ireland - King George VI (1937-49) - for the coins dated from 1939 to 1948.

Republic of Ireland (since 1949) - for the coins dated from 1949 to 1969.

Status changed to Accepted (Xavier, 17-May-2020, 16:17)
This is implemented :)
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 13-Feb-2021, 23:23)
Thanks, Xavier.


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