Unknown ancient coin - please help

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Here is a coin, I can't identify. It has 3.36 gr. Maybe it's Asian. Can someone please help to identify it?
Hi Samnu,
I would love to help you identify your coin. However it would be really helpful if you could click the pictures with a better focus and angle so that the faces of the coin are properly visible. Also, if possible, please try to provide the specifications such as weight and diameter of the coin.
Soubhik Chatterjee.

PS- The current pictures serve no purpose other than showing us that you own a coin shaped piece of metal, and a mediocre photography skillset...
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Dear Chatterjee Soubhik, thank you for your advice. The weight is alread mentioned. The diameter is 1.3 to 1.45 cm. I`m sorry my camera is not able to take better pictures. I aleady used a magnifying glas to get e better picture. I have to asked someone with a better camera to take some pictures. Due to COVID-19 times this will take a while.

Next try to picture this little coin. It looks like one side of a Mysore coin had been stucked on both sides. Anybody has an idea what coin it is?
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