Egypt 1387 (1967) 5 Qirsh Differant Edge Type ? [solved]

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I have a 1967 Copper Nickel Egypt 5 Qirsh that has a different Edge than the ones shown in the Database and am not Shure if its another verity of Edge Type as it has neither Gapped,Narrow or Plain Edge as I not Familiar with Coins of Egypt it may be just a normal 5 Qirsh.

It would help if you show a picture of the edge of your coin, your pictures don't.
Yes the word edge was used, but look at all the pictures -
it is the rim being referred to !
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Do not let mislead you by Ole's pictures. Ole uses a special technique (using a reflector) to show both the coin and the edge in one picture. I think Ian P is mislead too, hence the lack of a picture of the edge from his coin.

Here is Ole's technique:
Quote: "Sjoelund"

​Here a documentation of taking edge (rim) images.

​which will give you this with any coin of your choice

​You need this type of reflector

​have fun!

Thank you I can see yes I was totally mislead never seen the technique done before very misleading but problem Solved the coin I have is a Narrow Edge Milled one.
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Don't be afraid of new technics.... just get used to them;)
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