cannot confirm swap because of different amount of coins on each side [solved]

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good morning, I cannot confirm a swap today after the other party already confirmed, because the system says the amount of coins should be the same on each side. In this case, I am sending some extras to compensate for a scratched coin... Could perhaps put the settings back to the way it was?


This is not about an amount of coins.
You just need to check the same coins as your counterpart. To confirm a swap, both checkboxes for each coin in a swap shall be filled (or not filled).

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That's a new one for me.Never experience something similar before.
Perhaps changes have been made after the first confirmation. Othewise I wouldn't know how it comes.

The easiest way to fix this, is to communicate the problem with your swap partner, cancel the swap and start a new one with the same coins. After that confirm again. and send your letter. :)
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Had the same issue recently.

my swap had a mixture of coins and notes and maybe caused issue.

i closed all browser tabs and problem went away when I tried again.

had same amount of items checked but got stuck in a loop with that message.

Hello AJKSwiss,
Actually it was corrected when I clicked on 'correct my selection'.. it takes you back to the swap, then you click ok to agree, and then you can proceed to confirm the swap.
For me 'correct my selection' was a bit confusing because I thought I needed to correct the amount of coins to match exactly on both sides.
Thank you for your comment. I hope this helps for the next time.


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