What happened?

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What happened to Numista this night????
...you can run,  but you can't hide...
What exactly do you mean by "What happened?" Could you describe the problem you were having? I personally didn't have a problem, but it would help if you were a little more specific.
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The whole of the appeareance changed for reasons I do not understand:°
Maybe it is 'better' now, but it was good anyway.
I do not like changes, in general...
Thank you for your offer to help, but that is not nescessary...
...you can run,  but you can't hide...
yup, the UI changed.
I like it better this way. more in tune with other chatting sites, than the traditional boxed forum look. While Xavier may have done this to give a more modern feel to the forum, I believ this will increase user participation in this interface as people will more relate the forum with platforms like whatsapp, facebook, and such.
good for me too. I'm often too much formal in casual issues. Will take a lil more casual, less formal approach in forum.

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