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This message aims at: reporting a bug

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This forum has the post extending to the advertising field:
Another one:
This is caused by long URLs in the post, which don't break at line end, as was found out by ZacUK earlier:

By the way, on my computer (Win10+Chrome), the long URLs do break, and all posts in the two examples show in one neat column. Could be OS or browser behaviour.
The issue was persisting on Edge. I just brought a new fix which should fix the display on that browser. :)
Status changed to Solved (Xavier, 7-Jun-2020, 10:42PM)
I’m on Chrome, and it’s still persisting.
Status changed to Started (Xavier, 7-Jun-2020, 10:47PM)
Which OS do you use and which Chrome version?
I use the latest Chrome.
Could you please still give inform about your OS (Windows, macOS) and Chrome version number (menu > Help > About Google Chrome)?
I'm also using Chrome and I can't see the issue, so I would like to investigate with the same configuration as yours.
I am using IOS 13.4.1.

Sorry for my vagueness.
This now also fixed for iOS.
Status changed to Solved (Xavier, 13-Jun-2020, 10:17PM)

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