Show exchange rate for notes/coins with future demonetization dates

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I was adding the 100 Ariary 2004 note to my collection and found that the banknote is listed as demonetized on "12-31-2020".
This is a date in the future, implying that the note had not yet become demonetized.
Yet the page does not show the face value as an exchange rate, as if the note had been demonetized, which surely isn't supposed to be true.

I just checked and the note does appear on a search for "in use today", implying that upcoming demonetizations are handled correctly by the Numista system in that regard.
Why aren't they handled correctly when showing face values, and would it be possible to change that behavior?
Status changed to Accepted (Xavier, 20-Jun-2020, 07:05PM)
This is implemented :)
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 5-Jul-2020, 10:09PM)

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