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When an entry is validated it shows a time in the future by 1 hour to my local time UK. Is it possible to have the timestamp to my local time?
Thanks for reporting this issue. It's fixed.
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Still showing 1 hour behind...
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Sorry I initially missed some parts. Is it OK now?
Status changed to Solved (Xavier, 6-Jul-2020, 06:31PM)
yes solved now! Thank you
Maybe the changing of the clocks has broken this again? I am seeing validations in the future again
Here in the UK the clocks changed days ago, yet on here it is still wrong
by an hour; I just now made a reply at 08:41 yet the site says it was made
at 09:41 so the site clock needs to go back an hour for UK time. :°
My clock here says it is 08:47 yet I bet the site will say 09:47 for this reply.
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