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This message aims at: suggesting an idea to improve Numista

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Why express the value in its own currency instead to the numistic member currency?
EG: Maldives 500 Rufiyaa (500 MVR) instead of $31.90 USD.
Then we can quickly evaluate the worth of the item.

Thanks for your consideration.
I made some adjustments, the page now shows "500 MVR = 32 USD"
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 12-Jul-2020, 05:42PM)
Thanks for doing it so quickly!
Hi Xavier,

I meant this change as one for all currencies not just that one.
What is the value of knowing that 50 cents is 0.50 dollar? It is self evidend.
But to expess it in a universal value like the US dollar or Euro, or even better in the collectors own currency, would add real value to the information.
EG Hungary 2 Forint is expressed as 2HUF. The translated value is Euro 0.0057, USD $0.0065 or in my case CAD 0.0088.
Please see if this can be an universal system change.
Thank you,
Hello Ben,
The conversion shows for all coins that are still circulating, like this 20 HUF coin:
It doesn't show for demonetized coins like the 2 HUF coins.
Hi Xavier,
Thanks for the explanation.
And thank you for your effort. It is very much appreciated.

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