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This message aims at: reporting a bug

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How can the user change the password in this website?

The only option I have seen so far is under the account settings
by clicking on the link that says "Reset my password"

But as a matter of fact it happens that by cliking there
you get an email more or less like this
Hello YourName,

This email has been sent to you for we've been notified that you've
lost your password to log in on Numista website.
If it's not the case, please don't consider this message.

In order to get a new password, please go to the following page:

Yours sincerely,
Xavier, Numista
And it happens that the link indicated by the email doesn't work.
It shows the following Error message:
The renewing of your password failed. Take care while copying out the URL providing in the email you've received. If you're still unsuccessful, start again the process.

Summarizing, numista website needs (for the sake of information security) the implementation
of method that would allow user to change their own password,
or the current method (by sending a reset link to the email) should be fixed.
I identified an issue in the URL for password reset with some email clients and I just made a fix. Could you please test again the password renewal and advise whether you still get the same error?
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Now it works.
Good job.

Thank you.

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