1 euro 2002 Italy one metal coin [solved]

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whether this coin originated as a forging error or is it a counterfeit coin. all the details on this coin are the same as on a normal coin that is bimetallic. it reacts to the magnet in the same way as a normal 1 euro coin. the outside of the coin is not as attractive to the magnet as the central part of the magnet is attracted. everything is like on a normal coin only it is made of one piece of metal. are you familiar with this and can you tell me more about it.
I think it’s plated.

that's what I thought in the first place. as you can see in this photo it has deeper damage on the edge of the coin but it is also silver in color. based on all the damage to it, I am also convinced that it is not coated.
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Might be old damage that was plated over?
Most probably a well circulated coin that was plated as a science/fun project.
See also here please:
this damage I did on purpose to see if it was yellow below the surface. and it is not yellow but is a silver color like the whole coin. it normally behaves like a regular 1 euro coin when I test it with a magnet.
The ring should be Nickel-Brass. So if it is plated, that should show if you scratch the plating...
I can't see how a ring could be punched from a wrong metal but it isn't impossible I guess.
"Oh they are multiplying"

as many have said before its most likely plated
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Thank you all

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