How can I register my collection on Numista?

Last update: 7 April 2023

Numista offers a way to manage your coin, banknote or exonumia collection. This way you can keep an inventory of your collection accessible online, share it with other people if you wish, and get some interesting statistics. Registering your coins for swap is also a pre-requisite to swap coins on Numista.


  1. If you are not already logged in, sign in to your account by clicking the “Sign in” button on the top right hand corner.

  2. Once logged in, find your coin, banknote or piece of exonumia in the Numista catalogue and open the page of your coin, for example:

  3. Scroll down to the section “Manage my collection”. It contains a list of all the versions of the coin or banknote, with the different years, mintmarks, signatures, variants, etc. You can click either on the button “Add to my collection” above the table or directly on the button on the line of the version you own.

  4. A window opens, where you can enter information about your coin or banknote. All fields are optional:
    • Select the version, or “undetermined” if you don't know or if it is not relevant for you.
    • Select the grade.
    • Enter the quantity: if you have multiple identical coin, you can enter the quantity here, or you can enter “1” and register your other coins separately.
    • Enter the price at which you bought the coin.
    • Enter a private comment: only you can see this comment.
    • Select whether you want to offer the coin for swap or not.
    • Enter a public comment: people who can see your collection will also see this comment.
    • Upload pictures of your own coin or attach related PDF documents like the invoice.
    • If you have defined multiple collections, you can also select which collection your coin belongs to. See how to define multiple collections.

  5. Click “Save”. The window will close and the newly added coin will be reflected in the table.

    You can also click “Save and add again”: the coin is registered in your collection and the window stays open so you can immediately add another coin of the same type.


The newly registered coin is now visible in the table “Manage my collection” of the page of the catalogue describing your coins. You can also see all the coins of your collection via the page “My coins” in the menu “My account”. The same applies to banknotes on the page “My banknotes” and to exonumia on “My exonumia”.



If you have many coins to register in your collection, you may choose to use the “fast input” method, which allows to register coins and banknotes in your collection while staying on the catalogue search result page. See how to use “fast input”.