How can I use “fast input” to quickly register my collection?

Last update: 7 April 2023

The usual way to register your collection is to navigate to the catalogue pages of each coin, banknote or piece of exonumia you own, and click on the button in the section “Manage my collection”, as described in this other guide.


If you have many items to register in your collections, it may be quicker to stay on the search result page. For example, if you own all the coins of a series, you can search for that series and add the coins to your collection from this single search page result.


The fast input mode can be activated in the search result “display options”, by selection “Fast input: show”.


As a result, the table of versions will be shown directly in the search results and you can use the buttons to add items to your collection.

In the example below, a collector who owns all the Finnish commemorative 2-euro coins could add them to their collection from a single page.


Numista remembers your setting for fast input. If you wish to get back to the normal (and more concise) search result display, open the “display options” again and click “Fast input: hide”.