About Numista

A unique platform to learn, collect, swap, and share about numismatics

Numista offers one of the largest numismatic catalogues in the world, currently counting 348 075 listings. The catalogue is a knowledge base, freely accessible online for researchers in academia, collectors, and the general public alike.

Apart from the catalogue, Numista also offers an online collection manager, in which collectors can keep an inventory with pictures and personal comments. The website facilitates swaps between members, based on their inventory and wish lists.

More than anything else, Numista is a platform for everybody to learn about numismatics and share their knowledge. In this regard, the Numista forum gathers an active community, who supports beginners and experts alike, and the Outings section provides a directory of museums, shops, and coin shows.

A comprehensive universal numismatic catalogue

The catalogue lists all types of coins, banknotes, and exonumia from the entire history of all places on Earth. You will find on Numista everything from ancient Lydian to modern South Sudanese coins, from Song dynasty paper money to current polymer notes, and from ancient Roman medallions to the glorious French medals of the Belle Époque.

The catalogue provides pictures, detailed descriptions, technical data, references, and values. The listings are organised in a comprehensive structure by type, period, and issuer. The ever-growing catalogue is easy to navigate thanks to the powerful search engine and user-friendly browsing features.

Additionally, you will find dedicated sections for specialist topics, such as primitive currencies, postal orders, mints, as well as an extensive database of numismatic literature.

Built by the community

The Numista catalogue is built collaboratively by its community of members, who continuously enrich the data through personal observations or literature references. Volunteer referees review the content before publication, volunteer administrators define the catalogue structure, and volunteer moderators ensure the quality of the forum discussions. See the list of referees, moderators and administrators.

Xavier Rogé, the founder of Numista, is the website administrator and oversees all the technical developments.

Pictures on the Numista catalogue are kindly provided by members or partner institutions, museums, central banks, dealers, or auction houses. Here is the list of partners who shared their pictures with Numista:

We would also like to thank Greysheet, for providing us with the values of United States coins, and the Société Royale de Numismatique de Belgique for the Numismatica Medievalis font.

Open to partnerships

Numista aims at serving the numismatic community in the online world. Whether you are a museum curator, researcher, archaeologist, editor, dealer, or auctioneer, feel free to contact us! We would be happy to build partnerships for collection or archive publication, numismatic data exchange, advertising, or any other project.

A responsible company

At Numista, we try to have a positive impact on our ecosystem, in various manners:

  • Ecology: Numista runs on servers powered with hydroelectricity to reduce the CO2 footprint. Also, Numista contributes 5% of premium subscription revenues to fund carbon removal.
  • Privacy: Numista collects only personal data needed for your usage and comfort on the website. No personal data are shared with third parties, including no third-party analytics cookies and no advertising cookies.
  • Education: The numismatic catalogue of Numista will always remain free of use for all.
  • Accessibility: Numista tries to implement all website accessibility best practices. Feel free to report any accessibility issue on Numista.