More about Numista

Numista is based on a world coin catalog which grows thanks to member contributions. It offers many services for the numismatist such as an online collection managing system, tools to easily exchange with other collectors and a forum.

Created in March 2007, the website is still administered by its founder Xavier. He is now helped by a team to verify and improve the catalog: AmerSalmeh, ashlobo, Choucas, Cyrillius, druzhynets, Ecapoe, Florino28, Jarcek, Numista Robot, oggy, Oklahoman, pejounet, stratocaster, Sulfur, The_One, VieillePile, ystankous, ZacUK.

Most coin images were given by Numista members. Some come from websites which have kindly given the authorization to use their pictures:

We do our best to watch user added pictures. However, if you notice pictures on Numista that infringe your copyright, please contact us. We will immediately delete them.