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Bern counterstamp on French coins

Bern counterstamp on French coins

After the last week quiz about Swiss counterstamps on French coins, here are some more explanations.

40 batzen counterstamped coin on a Franch écu French coins were used in Swiss since the late 18th century. They included various types of écus from Louis XV, Louis XVI and the French Revolution. In 1816, the Swiss canton of Bern decided to counterstamp all the these French écus with a weight greater than 28.9 grams.
On one side of the coin, the counterstamp was the coat of arms of the Canton of Bern, while the counterstamp on the other side gave the equivalent facial value of 40 batzen.

The edge of the coins was also affected. They originally had a lettered edge, with various inscriptions: "DOMINE SALVM FAC REGEM" (God save the King) for royal coins, and "LA NATION LA LOI ET LE ROI" (the Nation, the Law and the King) or "LIBERTE EGALITE" (Liberty, Equality) for the coins of the Revolutionary times. In addition to the two counterstamps, the edge was also modified and became a frieze of laurel leaves.

Although only a few hundered of such coins remain today, more than 1 million of coins are believed to have been counterstamped. They were legal tender until the coinage reform of 1851/1852.


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congratulation to the person who  has won this contest.
and i hope there willbe more comming on the way

Milind Desai


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I knew I didn't have a chance to win because of the knowledgeable people here on numista, but I had a great time learning about this coin and the History behind it.


Taking a break from swapping for a while, but still interested in pre 1799 Spanish coins, I will make time for that!

Looking for pre 1783 coins

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this was my first contest that i attended in numista. it did open me new frontiers of learning about this coin and googling a little bit. it was a nice experience of learning about the coin and its history.

congrats to the winner...
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Will be there another quiz anytime soon? :?
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Dear Numista's,

     If any one can help it would be most appreciated.  I have recently acquired a 2006 Statehood Quarter, South Dakota, D-Mint with a counter stamp "GOT WHAT HE DESERVED" stamped across the presidents' faces on Mount Rushmore (reverse side).   Can anyone help on what this means?  It was given to me as change during a purchase from the local "Dollar Store" back in October of 2011.   To all "Coin a Great Day"!

                                                                      Sincerely,         Chad



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