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Collaborate to the catalogue!

Collaborate to the catalogue!

Since a few days ago, a new page to edit the coin catalog is open.
The system has been redesigned so you can easily keep enriching the content of the catalogue, even after the sheets are checked by the administration team. This same team verifies the changes before they are published.
The response to typing errors and the verification of the compliance with copyrights of added pictures have also been improved.

Sharpen your pencils, turn on your camera, grab your books! We count on you to upload better pictures and share your knowledge!


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Matt Probert
Joined: 13-Feb-2011
Posts: 630
Are you serious about uploading better pictures? Many of the pictures from the World Coin Gallery are too small for my ageing eyes to see clearly, but I can upload larger images of some coins. I haven't done so because I was afraid of treading on toes. Can you confirm this IS what you want???

Xavier Site admin
Joined: 16-Jan-2007
Posts: 4310
Hello matt,
Yes I'm serious. Pictures from World Coin Gallery are definitely too small to let see all the coin details.
If you can make good quality picture, that would be great.
I think the best way to make nice picture is too scan the coin with a resolution of 800 dpi or so.
Matt Probert
Joined: 13-Feb-2011
Posts: 630
Yes Xavier. That is exactly what I do. I am a part-time professional photographer, so I am experienced in producing pictures of coins, and have uploaded some to Numista already. I shall continue to do so, and where I find I can replace a World Coin Gallery picture with a netter one of my own creation, I shall. I have noticed that other contributors have supplied great quality pictures also.
Joined: 21-Aug-2011
Posts: 1
I found a coin dated 1772. Says Georgivs III REX. It was in a box ready to be thrown in the trash. i found it here in Charleston SC in 2006. On the back it has a Lady(?) sitting on a rock on the left side. In each hand she is holding items. On the front of the coin  Georgivs is looking to the right. I am not a coin collector so I know nothing more about this coin. I do not believe this is a fake. I cant see how someone could fake a coin like this. If anyone wants to buy it call me at 1-843-486-9245 name is Deb
Joined: 16-Sep-2011
Posts: 15
Good day
I can help you to update Russian coins 1924-2011, because you have a wrong list of it
Joined: 1-Nov-2011
Posts: 65
Hey can somebody tell me, how the changes are verified? What is the procedure? 0:)

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Acid Burn
Joined: 2-Sep-2010
Posts: 186
Hello Xavier,

what now I can do when I see error in catalogue ?
For example in Italian list there are type coin that not exist, this is also a Krause error.
Or is not marked the some coins were only PROVA and not in circulation or in collection.

I must advice in forum or contact directly the team ?

kind regards

Acid Burn

Visit http://www.grandoblone.it

Joined: 14-Oct-2011
Posts: 1
I would love to contribute in my own small may, as your website has really helped me ... I have a list of newly issued coins especially from India which I see have not been uploaded.

Matt any suggestions on how I can take quality photogrpahs so that it can benefit all... you may send me a email on leond2020@gmail.com



Joined: 1-Nov-2011
Posts: 87
The best way is to scan the coins on a flat bed scanner with a high resolution of around 600 pixel to get a clear and larger images.


Milind Desai

Milind Desai


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