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Congratulations to the Winners of MPCC II!

Congratulations to the Winners of MPCC II!

After a long and amazing contest, we finally have th winners of the Most Popular Coin Contest II (MPCC II). Although the ultimate winner is yet to be decided, this process is already beginning, and the category winners have already been decided. The members of Numista have been voting for over four months (and 24 rounds, up from just 10 rounds in less than a month in the first MPCC).

Before I present the winners, I would like to give you a brief history of MPCC. MPCC began in November of last year, when it was an unofficial contest in the Free Discussion section of the forum. The idea was to vote for the most beautiful coins among coins submitted by Numista members from their own collection. The coins were nice, but nothing (both in quality and numbers) compared to MPCC II's coins. MPCC was still a very popular contest, so I decided to hold MPCC II. During MPCC II, Xavier created a separate category for MPCC on the forum, and from the beginning of MPCC II, apuking translated it into French.

Now, here are the category winners .
Europe Asia
The most popular Europe coin The most popular Asia coin
United Kingdom - 1 Florin - Victoria (dptashny) Burma - 1 Kyat - Mindon Min (Mark240590)
Africa Oceania
The most popular Africa coin The most popular Oceania coin
Ethiopia - 1 Birr - Menelik II (Lion's right foreleg raised) (apuking) New Zealand - 1/2 Crown - George VI (100th Anniversary of New Zealand) (neilithic)
North America South America
The most popular North America coin The most popular South America coin
Danish West Indies - 20 Cents - Christian IX (apuking) French Guiana - 2 Sous - Louis XVI (apuking)
Tokens & Medals
The most popular token MPCC II - What's in YOUR coin? - The Best Online Coin Contest!
United Kingdom - ½ Penny - Lincolnshire (Spalding Success to Commerce Halfpenny Tokens) (apuking)


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