De Gaulle 2€ commemorative coin

De Gaulle 2€ commemorative coin

Nouvelle pièce de 2€ 70 years to the very day after the Appeal of June 18, the French mint is issuing a commemorative coin honoring General de Gaulle.
With a mintage of 20 millions, these coins should be pretty easy to find in circulation in France and nearby countries. According to Christophe Beaux, the head of the mint, at least half of them will be kept by collectors.

Charles de Gaulle dans les studios londoniens
The Appeal of June 18
On June 18, 1940, the day after Marshal Pétain asked for an armistice, General de Gaulle spoke from London's radio and appealed to carry on the war. The speech is now considered as a symbol for resistance against Nazi Germany during World War II.

The coin's design is a reproduction of a photography which shows de Gaulle in a BBC's studio reading his speech.


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