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Fast collection input

Fast collection input

Numista is constantly improving by being attentive to users' suggestions.
This week, the new feature is the fast collection input.
Its aim? Letting you enter your collection on Numista directly on the search page, whithout having to open each coin page.

In practice, here is the fastest way to enter your collection on Numista:
Open a country page of the catalog through the "Country list" menu item. Then choose which order you like (by facial value, date or KM number) and the number of coins displayed on each page (from 10 to 100). Now click to "show" the fast input system. You are ready to fill the input boxes with your collection figures.
In the bargain, Numista remember your preferences. You won't have to select the option for every research.



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Looks absolutely great as does the new design. Very good addon. Thanks

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