Happy new year!

Happy new year!

The Numista Team wish you and your family a happy new year 2016!

We prepared a survey to gather your opinion and suggestions and help us define orientations for the new year.
Answer the Survey Numista 2016 !


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A happy new year to you too! Just filled in the survey. I didn't think it covered all aspects of Numista, which I have also indicated in the comments fields.
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done =)

Best regards,
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I filled one out as well and tried to provide some helpful info. I hope it helps the site going forward!
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Survey done!

Happy 2016 everyone!

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Attests there are comments fields you can make use of when the questions don't seem to be broad enough. Just the fact that we have a survey though makes me happy that the ambition is not dead !



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Happy New Year to all :)
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happy new year to evryone. I wish i could swap with all of you :) best wishes for you. Happy collecting.

I wish evryone ,"Happy Collecting". My best wishes always with you

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Happy New Year to each and everyone in Numista!!
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Happy new year to everyone.
MY suggestion to admin is about adding section for banknotes.
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Happy new year! :wiz:
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A very happy 2016 to each and everyone on numista.

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Happy New Year everyone!

I took the survey, and I really wonder what will come out of it!
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Quote: "dptashny"​I took the survey, and I really wonder what will come out of it!

Yes, really, will we find out the results?

Best regards,

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Happy new year , I hope 2016 will be a better year for all of us

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Happy new year for eny one numista
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Filled out the survey. Hope we will see the results.
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Inform those who contribute to Numista, that their comment was or was not used.
May the USA get a better leader! Europe for the Europeans!
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Congratulations Numista Team, the best coin catalog/collection organizer of internet! I really liked the Ideas to put Banknotes and the Value for coins too! It would be great!!

Sub Quo Signo Nata Stabit

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A couple things I forgot to mention in the survey:
- Numista should use full browser window width. We're in the 21st century, damn it! Most people have 1080p or better monitors and Numista is still laid out like everyone is still stuck on 800x600.
- Better grouping of search results than just by country and currency. I want a way to see coins from the same series. Filtering by country and year does not narrow things down sufficiently.


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And banknotes! Please add Numista banknotes now! :)

My goal is to have at least 1 coin from each modern country.
Countries left: 17

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Survey submitted.
Please include Banknotes in Numista.

Col Suresh Bagga

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Happy New Year!!!
Survey done.

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