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News from the catalogue

News from the catalogue

Just a few days after Numista catalogue reached the 40,000 coin milestone, we announce a new organization of contributions to the catalogue. The main goal is to improve its content quality!

What will change?

Here are the main changes which will be applied:
  • All the contributions to the catalogue (new coins or modification of current pages) will be checked before publication.
  • For better checking, mentioning sources will be mandatory for each contribution, and an explanation will systematically be given in case of rejection.
  • We will recruit new country expert volunteers. They will be in charge of checking the modifications to coin from their dedicated country and will be responsible for the quality of the catalogue for their country.
  • New tools will be launched to translate the contributions and to edit pictures .
All the new measures and tools should help us reducing the number of double entries, avoiding errors and improving the catalogue's content.

We need you!

You want to contribute to the catalogue's quality for a country that you like and that you know well? Become a Numista referee for that country! You'll be able to modify the coins from the country without prior validation and you'll be in charge of checking contributions to the country's coins from other users.

Just send a message with the list of country or countries you are interested in, and a short self introduction. Tell me also whether you own some documentation about the coins from the countries you chose.

If you have a good level in French and English, you can also contact me to help translating the catalogue.

Temporary contributions break

Contributions to the catalogues will be temporarily stopped starting tomorrow for a few days, allowing the new system to be launched. Afterwards a new area for the catalogue will begin!


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Joined: 28-May-2012
Posts: 3
 I want to contribute to the list of coins Venezuela, I have over 20 years collecting coins of my country, as well as management also very good documentation and bibliography


Me interesan monedas de America e Islas del Caribe

Joined: 1-Mar-2012
Posts: 113
What date will we be able to contribute to the catalogue?
Joined: 20-Feb-2013
Posts: 211
Is there a difference between handling in coins and tokens?

I think that *tokens* can't be validated.

With regards.

Acid Burn
Joined: 2-Sep-2010
Posts: 187
Very good initiative, I believe that is impossible for few people know good all countries and instead to have a referee for few people is better to improve quality and to have faster answer.  (8

In past I suggested some mistake and adding but I never hav answer.


Acid Burn



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