News from the catalogue (2)

News from the catalogue (2)

Further to my message posted last week, I was glad to receive many enthusiastic replies to become catalogue referee. In total, 43 referees have been recruited, being responsible for 79 countries and territories. Thank you very much to all who volunteered!

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Contributions to the catalogue were temporarily stopped for a few days. They are now opened again and follow the new rules I mentioned in my last message. The referees and the catalogue administrators have started the ball rolling, and a few adjustments will continue to be implemented in the next days.


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Hi, I notice that there is no referee for the United Kingdom. I would be happy to take on this role if needed.

Catalogue referee for British, English and Scottish coins.

Le référent pour des pièces britannique, anglais et écossais.

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Once again a big applause for the team!!!
Thanks to you all for this beautiful site!  :wiz:  :love:  :8D  :D
Acid Burn
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I see that there is no referee for Austria or San Marino. I would be happy to have this role   :8D


Acid Burn


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If you are looking for some one for The Channel Islands - Jersey, Guernsey & Alderney Let me know.
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As I see there is no moderator for modern Greek coins.
I didn't answer to the post in time because I first wanted to make contact with the Athens National mint and make sure I could get a newsletter from them concerning all new releases.
As this is now possible, I can be responsible for Greek coins, both euros and drachmas.
I collect coins since 1986, and have not finished entering my collection into the Numsita database yet, but I already have made my first swaps and contributed some coins.
Best regards,

Nikos Stamatiou

Collect coins, learn the world

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