Numista down

Numista down

As some of you noticed, the site was down yesterday night from 9:16 pm to 4:15 am (Paris night). The problem has been fixed although I still don't know its origin, and it seems that no data has been lost.
The error message might still appear for some page if you loaded them when the site was down and they were saved in your computer memory. In this case, refresh the page and the error message should disappear.
I'm sorry for this incident which made Numista unavailable.


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Still experiencing  problems with:
- Search
-Swap Monitor and
- Home page
Don't have access to these pages.....!!!
Hope this can be fixed soon...
Oh Moon
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Good day
May it will help to track a problem... I was updating 500 Lire of Italy in my list - accidentaly entered -1 value and it brings not only a common "An error occurred. Please try again", but it shows me error (on russian language, because of russian Windows) - it means - "transaction error", I can't close a message and have to close browser (chrome) via ctrl+alt+del. On next opening it shows me SQL error at site...
Xavier Site admin
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There is absolutely no reason for the error to still appear on some pages. Refresh the page (press F5 on Windows) and/or empty your web browser cache, and it should be OK.
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您讲中文吗? 因为您的帐户网页上说您会讲中文。。。

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in yugoslavian coins miss 50 para 1965-1981,but i see its okay now

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Quote: 15turtles@Xavier

您讲中文吗? 因为您的帐户网页上说您会讲中文。。。

-闻心 (15turtles)

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