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Numista members geolocation

Numista members geolocation

A brand new feature on Numista let you view the location of the website members on a world map.
Thus, you can for instance see where your swap partners live, or find the nearest members to arrange a hand-delivered swap.

Only members who explicitly chose to tell where they live appear on the map. In less than two days, 50 members have already registered their location. Join them and complete your location information on your account settings page.

When you'll have registered your location, the swap page will display the distances from your place to other members'. Will you prefer to swap with you neighbor or with people at the end of the earth?

» See the world map of Numista members


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Joined: 17-Aug-2010
Posts: 114
That's great, Xavier!!! I like it!!! A very useful new feature! Thanks for the constant improvement of the site! I really love it! Best regards, Alex
Matt Probert
Joined: 13-Feb-2011
Posts: 630
A nice little feature. It can be nice to know roughly where one's peers are in relation to oneself, helps with off-site networking.

Keep it up!

Joined: 17-Jul-2011
Posts: 37
Nice to see the distribution of members... Hope everyone use this feature...


Joined: 5-Aug-2011
Posts: 27
Funny thing I was about to suggest it...  ;)

Michele Rebora

Joined: 22-May-2010
Posts: 36
Nice to see, how far away your friends are, and how easy it is to communicate with them. If you add up the distance covered by each of your swaps. It might be many times, going around the world. It is a great feature and shrunk the world of your friends into a small space of your computer monitor.

I suggest, to incorporate 'Google Translate' into the system, to overcome the language barrier.
That will make the world, One Nation.

Thanks Xavier.

Col Suresh Bagga

Joined: 5-Nov-2009
Posts: 2841
i dont like how those numbers appear on map...it was better without them. :|
Joined: 1-Jun-2011
Posts: 2
I realy like this new update, nice to see where you all live
Joined: 20-Sep-2010
Posts: 37
Well done Xavier. This is an excellent addition
Many thanks
Matt Probert
Joined: 13-Feb-2011
Posts: 630
Is Xavier, the web master of Numista, really based in Beijing, China? I thought he was in France!

Wel, you learn something new everyday!

Xavier Site admin
Joined: 16-Jan-2007
Posts: 4310
I moved from France to China two months ago.

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