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Numista mobile

Numista mobile

You can now enjoy Numista's main features with a mobile-phone-friendly design.

Numistas's mobile version keeps you connected even when you are on the move. You can for instance access the catalog and update your collection from a fleamarket or a numismatic show, or reply to your messages and participate to the forum while using public transportation.
Only the swap tools aren't available with this version.

Although the classic version remains available from cellphones, this new interface offers unrivaled comfort and speed for mobiles and especially for smartphones like the iPhone.

To enjoy it, just type "numista.com" in your phone's web browser. If you want to try it on your computer, click here.


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Joined: 15-Jun-2009
Posts: 1723
got myself an iphone and have to say: works like a charm. still some things to tweak, but this really helps
a lot. keep it up  :love:

what really would be great (if possible at all) is a scanning feature as an app that compares image with coin image features in the database. wonder if this is possible at all?
Joined: 20-Apr-2010
Posts: 1
awesome mobile interface. good job. :wiz:

is there a way to view my collection on the mobile app?  i cant see how to do it without switching to classic.

Joined: 15-Jun-2009
Posts: 1723
yes that should work for you. but not in the way you have it here like "your coins".
If you entered a coin please have a look at
"catalogue: countries" > then choose a country you have coins from.
You should see a gray check mark right besides coins you own. selecting those coins you
should use "manage your collection" from the option list. you then have the mintage list with
all the coin grades. And you should see your coins entered.

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