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Numista on Twitter

Numista is now on Twitter! Follow me at @Xav_Numista


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Jarcek Numista team
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Catalogue administrator, Referee for Kingdom of Bohemia. You can also support my work on Numista through Patreon if you wish:

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its good thenking
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Following and sharing already!

Never aspire to have more, aspire to be more. (unless we're talking collecting of course).

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Following too, @BizzoDoes
I'm not an expert in any kind of coins, but I reckon I'm good at research and will do my best to help. Feel free to tell me my identifications/valuations/gradings are wrong. It's the only way I'll learn.

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just don't forget to answer your mail from december........

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A very good move. Keep up the hard work.

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