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Results of the Numista 2017 token contest

Results of the Numista 2017 token contest

You have been 531 voters to participate to the selection of the next Numista token.

Congratulations to Croft89coffey, whose design won the contest with 168 votes ! The obverse of the Numista 2017 token will represent a globe bearing the lettes "NUMISTA", surrounded with the symbols of 12 world currencies and the dates "2007-2017". On the reverse, two hands exchanging coins are surrounded by the bilingual lettering "Exchange without boundaries" and "Echanges sans frontières".

Design of the future Numista 2017 token
Design of the future Numista 2017 token, by Croft89coffey – 168 votes (31%)

Congratulations also to the 5 other finalists, with a special mention to cheis, which design comes just after with 143 votes.

Design by cheis
Design by cheis – 143 votes (27%)

Design by KAISERKILLERfr08
Design by KAISERKILLERfr08 – 80 votes (15%)

Design by mikedeni2017
Design by mikedeni2017 – 56 votes (11%)

Design by framb
Design by framb – 42 votes (11%)

Design by Indi-K
Design by Indi-K – 42 votes (11%)


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Joined: 2-Jul-2015
Posts: 260
Shame, I voted for cheis's design. But congratulations to Croft89coffey! Looking forward to see them tokens minted :)

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Joined: 18-Oct-2014
Posts: 605
Cool :)
druzhynets Numista team
Joined: 30-Jun-2014
Posts: 2839
Well done to all of the contestants!


Joined: 24-Aug-2016
Posts: 2
Well done to all!
Joined: 29-Oct-2016
Posts: 163
Wow my favorite design came in second, my least favorite came in first.
Joined: 18-Sep-2013
Posts: 1023
Yes, congratulations to all and especially to Croft89coffey.
Joined: 31-Dec-2010
Posts: 68
Congratulations to Croft89coffey. :wiz:

Thanks to all that voted for me. Thank you JWDiaz and MihajloNesic. :)

In a future contest I would like to see the description of each design explained by each creator.
I think it would add a lot to the interest in this and would make us all better appreciate the designs.
Joined: 30-May-2012
Posts: 595
Congratulations to Croft89coffey and to all other participants :`
Joined: 8-Apr-2015
Posts: 53
Congrats to all participants! I'm excited to see the winning design minted. Where will details about getting a minted copy be posted?
Joined: 29-May-2015
Posts: 20
Thank you all for the congratulations! And thank you to all the other participants for making it a fun contest.

Cheis, I especially want to congratulate you. I told my wife if I had to choose another design, it'd be yours. Great work!


Joined: 19-Jan-2017
Posts: 5
Congrats to the Winner. Just want to check where can we buy this coin and how much is the cost..

A W Francis

Xavier Site admin
Joined: 16-Jan-2007
Posts: 4310
Quote: "paris.aw2002"​Congrats to the Winner. Just want to check where can we buy this coin and how much is the cost..
​The details will come soon, as we are juste starting the manufacturing phase.
The specifications and cost will be similar to the last edition.
Joined: 24-Aug-2016
Posts: 2
I hope there was a way with the new version we could order the 2013 one for us we are new to Numista.
Joined: 29-May-2011
Posts: 5648
You can also exchange it, some people on Numista propose it for swap.
Joined: 20-Dec-2015
Posts: 13
Congratulation Croft89coffey for the wining! I am happy that you are the one that won. When it will appear I am interested to buy it.
ashlobo Numista team
Joined: 30-Sep-2013
Posts: 950
Congratulations Croft89coffey. While it wasn't my first choicest, its very well deserved nonetheless! I'll look forward to ordering one for myself!

Outings administrator

Joined: 29-Dec-2016
Posts: 6
congratulations to @Croft89coffey
and @KAISERKILLERfr08 i voted to your design.
Joined: 21-Dec-2016
Posts: 33
At first I was rather disappointed that the design I selected came in third place. Later on, as I browsed thru the 2017 Red Book of US Coins, I came upon the section on Commemorative. US modern commemoratives have the exact same look and feel as our 2017 Numista chosen token. Isn't that what a token is a commemorative. The Numista members got it right . I wanted our token at first to look like US Standing Liberty Quarter (variety 1 w/no stars and exposed breast) or maybe the 20 dollar St. Gaudens gold piece. But now I know the members made the right choice and I am behind this design 100%. To the designer, job well done you captured the spirit of Numista
Joined: 17-Feb-2017
Posts: 1
Where can I get myself one of thoughts tokens
Joined: 28-Mar-2011
Posts: 7493
The winning design is ok....but to me it looks more like one guy is paying the other guy, rather than them exchanging coins.
Joined: 29-Oct-2016
Posts: 163
Quote: "neilithic"​The winning design is ok....but to me it looks more like one guy is paying the other guy, rather than them exchanging coins.
​That's a good observation. Another thing: Shouldn't "echanges" be translated "exchanges" and "frontieres" "frontiers"? I understand that "boundaries" means almost the same, but not quite.
Joined: 18-Oct-2011
Posts: 3172
The reverse is very similar to the last token, but I like the obverse!

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