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Some ideas to go out this weekend

Some ideas to go out this weekend

Are you looking for ideas to go out this weekend? Are you planning your next trip? Numista offers a new section dedicated to numismatic outings. Fairs, expos, shops, markets, museums, auctions, Numista meetings : the new section is made for all activities related to coins.

You'll find out new numismatic places and events, and also share your personal favourites by posting reviews and submit new outings. This section will grow with your contributions.

Numismatic Outings


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Joined: 20-Feb-2013
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Some, like which auctions there are?
Or "open days" of minthouses?

With regards.

Joined: 17-Dec-2010
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Great idea! I like it. Surely we all can find something interesting. Just added (submitted) two museums I've been to.

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Joined: 14-Jun-2014
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Just notice this new function and created a post in the free discussion section to drive some of the members here....

Not everyone check the home page every day.

Nice initiative.

Rating option could be of great reference for everyone... just giving my toughs... I wont give you my two cents  ;)


Joined: 2-Mar-2015
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There should be an option for "show". Unless they should be called an "expo".

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In one word: brilliant!
Joined: 24-Dec-2014
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Love it. :love:  :love:

Joined: 9-Jan-2012
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Great idea. Thanks

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