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This Week in Numismatics - July 14th to 20th, 2013

This Week in Numismatics - July 14th to 20th, 2013

Austria - Issue of a commemorative 20 euros. This coin, the first in a new series devoted to prehistoric life, commemorates Triassic aquatic life. 50,000 coins were issued. Also, another 20 euro coin, which is the second in this series and will be dedicated to Jurassic life in the air, was also unveiled. The latter will be issued September 11, 2013.

Poland - Announcement of issuing a commemorative coin 2 złote. This coin, the eighth of the series started last year commemorating Polish ships, is dedicated specifically to the guided missile frigate ORP Generał Kazimierz Pułaski. 800,000 coins will be issued on August 12.

Portugal - Issue of a commemorative 2.5 euro coin. It is issued in the series entitled "Portuguese Ethnography" and commemorates Viana do Castelo earrings. This coin is available in three versions: cupronickel (mintage 100,00) sterling silver (mintage 2,500), and finally sterling silver plated in 99.9% gold.

Spain - Issue of three 10 euros a 50 euro and a 400 euros. These are all part of a new series dedicated to the treasures of Spanish museums ("Tesoros de Museos Españoles" in Spanish). The 10 and 50 euros are silver, while 400 euros is gold. Works of painters Raphael, Titian, Vicente López y Portaña, Diego Velázquez and Albrecht Dürer are present on all five coins, with two works by coin. No mintages were unveiled.

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