Vote for the Numista token's design

Vote for the Numista token's design

The design contest for the future Numista token ended last Sunday. We received 22 very beautiful designs and I would like to thank all the artists! We made a selection among the 22 designs and now it's your turn to make the final decision: vote for the design which will appear on the Numista token!

The 6 selected designs

Which of the 6 designs do you like the best? Tell us! The design which gets the most votes before November 3 will be selected.

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Please, in Mercury's name, check for grammar errors before sending your design to the engraver...
Or is "togeherness" a new English word I've never heard of...?

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Togetherness is a word!
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The word is used on two of the designs; it is spelled incorrectly on the tree design, and correctly on the bust design.

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