Try the new Numista design!

Vote for the Numista token's design

Vote for the Numista token's design

The design contest for the future Numista token ended last Sunday. We received 22 very beautiful designs and I would like to thank all the artists! We made a selection among the 22 designs and now it's your turn to make the final decision: vote for the design which will appear on the Numista token!

The 6 selected designs

Which of the 6 designs do you like the best? Tell us! The design which gets the most votes before November 3 will be selected.

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Please, in Mercury's name, check for grammar errors before sending your design to the engraver...
Or is "togeherness" a new English word I've never heard of...?

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Togetherness is a word!
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The word is used on two of the designs; it is spelled incorrectly on the tree design, and correctly on the bust design.


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