Why I collect coins

Why I collect coins

Someone recently asked how I could possibly be interested in coin collecting – piling these rusted pieces of metal.

Well, I see many reasons. Of course, all coins aren't work of art, but every coin has a story to relate about the country and the period it comes from, like these two coins from Cuba : within a few years, the motto, from "Fatherland and liberty", has become "Fatherland or death".
5 centavos Cuba 197120 centavos Cuba 2006

5 kopecks Transnistria 2000
For instance, I found out the breakaway republic of Transnistria through coins. Its coat of arms remind of sovietic emblems.

1 rupee Jaisalmer
Coins – worldwide daily used items – are also a pleasant way to catch up with people from another time and another culture.
Touching a coin struck by a maharadjah or a czar fires the imagination

Exchanging through the Internet is also an opportunity to get in touch with numismatists from all over the world.

And you, why do you like to collect coins? Leave a comment to share your passion.


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Coin collecting encompasses everything about humanity.  Each coin tells a story about the people that used them and their lives at that time.

Coin collecting is about history, it's about geography, it's about art, it's about politics, it's about economics and most of all about man.

Collecting is a human condition, we all like to collect something, but with coins it teaches you so much more about everything else.

Add to that the fact that my collection is also an investment for the future, or for my children, and that just makes it all the more enjoyable.

The question is not Why do I collect coins.  The question is why doesn't everybody?

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