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Written on June 24, 2013 • Last edit: August 17, 2015
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The use of pictures found on internet, books or other places is subject to a very strict rule: the copyright, often indicated by the symbol ©.

The copyright

Like music and movies, publishing pictures on the Internet without the owner's permission is punishable.

More information: Copyright Law of the United States and UK Copyright Law

Where to mention the copyright of a picture?

When you upload a picture on a coin page, you can choose its source:

You can choose among three different sources. It's mandatory to choose one of them.

It's important to be honest to avoid bad consequences for Numista.

Source of the picture

I made the picture myself

You used a scanner, a camera or other.
You are the owner of that picture. You share it freely and gracefully on Numista. You can mention your name, your nickname or your website. This is not mandatory but preferable so that the Numista team is sure the picture belongs to you.


Source and copyright: A. Monge da Silva (member of Numista)

I copied the picture from a website that gave permission

These websites were contacted by Numista and they authorized the use of their pictures to illustrate the catalogue.

You can find the list of these websites here. It automatically appears when you select "I copied the picture from a website that gave permission".


Source and copyright: World coin Gallery (a website who gave permission)

The picture comes from somewhere else

It's mandatory to have permission of the person who published the picture.

A warning message appears to highlight the risk of misuse of copyright.


This site didn't give permission to use its pictures, Numista infringes copyright laws.

Help us to respect the law. Pay attention to the pictures you upload onto the site. A coin page without pictures is better than a page with a picture stolen from the Internet.

Feel free to report any pictures that may not respect these rules on the forum "Numista catalogue"!