Edge types on modern coins

Written on February 4, 2019
See the French article

Good to know!First of all, do not mix the edge and rim of a coin.

The edge is the outer part of a coin and extends over the entire circumference of it. It can help to identify a coin (also for the blind people) but can also help to know if the coin itself is genuine.

The rim is a raised border (sometimes dotted) on both sides of a coin, also called "listel" in French. It protects the pattern engraved on the piece against wear. It is possible to find coins with no rim (like some ancient coins).

Main edges types





     Slant-reeded right

     Center slanted reeding right

     Slant-reeded left

     Center slanted reeding left

     Herring Bone right

     Herring Bone left


Security edges

     Security 1

     Security 2

     Security 3