How to enter your coins to your Numista Collection

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Written on September 7, 2013
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There are many ways to enter your coins in your Numista Collection whether you...

You have many coins from the same country to enter

Search in the Numista Catalog for all the coins of the country

From "The catalog" on the left side of any Numista page, select "Country list". The Country and territory list allows you to choose a country to find your coins.
From there, you will find all coins from the country you selected.
With a list of all currencies (or states), you can choose the one you need.

If you're not sure about a coin, you can find more information by clicking on the title or images of a coin.

Enter your collection and your swap coins

By clicking on "Fast input: show" you will find all years and varieties of each coin.

In the boxes you can enter:
  • ... how many of each coin you have according to the year and the grade (VG/F/VF/XF/UNC). If you are not sure about the grade of your coins, please visit this Numisdoc article "Coin Grades".
  • ... how many of each coin you want to swap, in the last box "Exchange".
  • ... personal comments about your coin (in set, fake, grade, catalog value, swap value, etc), in the box . Your personal comment will also be visible to your swap partner.

On a side note: If an error message appears while you enter a number in one of the boxes, then delete the "dash" in the box and re-enter the amount.

You have only a few coins, or coins from different countries (or from unknown countries)

Search the Numista catalog for the coin(s) you want to enter by selecting "Search" on the left-hand side of any Numista page. If you don't find it, please read the Numisdoc article "How to Search a Coin in the Catalogue" then follow the steps in the chapter "Enter your collection and your swap coins".

You didn't find your coin in the Numista Catalog

Report to the Numisdoc article "How to Search a Coin in the Catalogue", under the chapter "What if I have not found my coin?".

Translation of a French article written by 7475laurent