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Written on August 15, 2015 • Last edit: November 2, 2015 • Comments (2)

To find the country of your coin, click on the currency or on the name of the country which is similar to what you see on your coin. You will be linked to a box on this page.
There you will find the name of the national language, the currency name in English and the name in the short form and the official name of the country. If this does not exactly reflect the text on your coin, look at the previous or the following boxes, many alphabets are alike.


If the name of the currency in local writing does not display correctly, you can instal (*) the font of the language by right-clicking in the corresponding box on


If you want to write the lettering of your coin, you can use an online keyboard of the language by clicking in the corresponding box on


And, if you want to decipher the lettering of your coin, an online dictionary English / foreign language and foreign language/English will help you. To access it, click in the corresponding box on

(*) To instal the font:
  • download the file by clicking on the pic.
  • unzip the downloaded file.
  • right click on the unziped file (.ttf).
  • select "Install".

Names of the currencies


Names of the countries