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Written on January 16, 2013 • Last edit: September 8, 2013 • Comments (2)

Types of Ratings

: This rating is for perfect, no-issue swaps.
: This rating is for small problems such as one to three coins were graded incorrectly.
: This rating is for major problems, such as one or two coins are missing from a perfectly sealed envelope.
: This rating is for some of the worst problems, such as if most of the coins never came.
: By putting down only one star, you are essentially writing that the person you swapped with is a swindler, but you received something good, like you detected the person is a swindler before you sent the coins.
: This is the worst rating, used only if you sent the coins and never received anything.
No Grade: This is, for example, when there was a problem during the swap (coins were lost by mailing service), but your swap partner is a friend and you consider him as a honest guy, so you don't want to leave him a negative feedback.


Q. Should I leave feedback if my swap was cancelled?
A. No, simply don't leave feedback.

Q. Should I respond to a negative rating?
A. Absolutely!

Q. I am afraid to leave a negative rating because the other person might give me a negative rating that I don't deserve. What should I do?
A. Leave the appropriate feedback. The moderators and Xavier can change misleading feedback.

What to do if there is a problem

First of all, discuss your problems during swaps via PM, do not use the forum. Also, if you do not get coins you were promised, give the person a chance to get five stars (by actually sending the coins or sending money for lost coins). If the other person refuses, give him the appropriate rating.

I hope we all have a safe time on Numista!