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Written on July 31, 2015 • Last edit: February 3, 2019
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The sites are those reported in the profiles of Numista members. They are sorted by category and members by seniority.


The collection of patraf: ultramarines    
The collection of wilhem: La collection de William     
The collection of Pimousse124: Pages numismatiques de Pimousse124  
The collection of GB_numismate: La Numismatique  
The collection of subr: WCC  
The collection of Kobold_rus: COINS SWAP   
The collection of ludcor: LUDCOR COLLECTION  
The collection of b2933: Sebastian's Münzseite  
The collection of mendy4: Mendy Coins  
The collection of levelx: Bogdan's Numismatic Blog   
The collection of baturdem: Coin Collection YURI    
The collection of cfmartinez: Numismática  
The collection of Mortyr2012: Welt Münzen  
The collection of adriarth: Monnaies -de-Collection  
The collection of henrymathew: coins collection  
The collection of Acid Burn: marco-collezione  
The collection of Internetti: Nettis Weltmünzen  
The collection of spica: Monnaies commémoratives modernes  
The collection of risaudin: Collection  
The collection of hyperborea79: BANCONOTE E MONETE DEL MONDO  
The collection of ZacUK: My Coin Collection  
The collection of monéphil: Collection Antoine Clerc  
The collection of Sergio0627: ma numismatique ...  
The collection of Sadanand: SADANAND's COINS   
The collection of doc_man: World commemorative coins  
The collection of adhira_dio457: My Coins Collection  
The collection of ukcoin: Ukcoin  
The collection of datarule: COINS SWAP   
The collection of mnfdzly: Mnfaj's Coin and Banknotes   
The collection of iwantallcoins: Homepage from Gijs Vlothuizen  
The collection of PafDro: Moedas e + Moedas  
The collection of Jamblico: Corvera Colecciones  
The collection of valecoins: Valecoins    
The collection of El arcon del coleccionista: El arcón del coleccionista  
The collection of bein-numismatics: Bein. numismatics          
The collection of shantonu: CoiN KING   
The collection of AJCS: A minha colecção de moedas   
The collection of DonCStamps: Don Carlos Stamps and Coins  
The collection of numismic: numismic  
The collection of decodecastro: Numismáticos  
The collection of fredyzh: FREDYZH    
The collection of Arminius: Arminius-Numismatics  
The collection of Lesly68: Mes Collections  
The collection of Murazor: Dziobaki  
The collection of juliocoins: Júlio César Coins Collecto  
The collection of giladzuc: Gilad Zuckerman Coin Collection  
The collection of iliatenn: Ilia Tennenbaum  
The collection of Québécois:    
The collection of pinoy: Pinoy Numismatist Network  
The collection of Aixois: Numis-Trade  
The collection of meerma: the COIN COLLECTOR  
The collection of le Diablinte: les monnaies du monde du XVIIe au XIXe   
The collection of MyCoins  
The collection of Roberto Jovel: Hobby Time      
The collection of Daiima: Ma collection de monnaies  

The collection of Juno Moneta: Temple of Juno Moneta  
The collection of badulake: badulakecoins    
The collection of miguelkosta: MOEDAMANIA  
The collection of bidesh: bidesh - currency collector  
The collection of dgania: In the World of Coins  
The collection of Thomas Fuk: Mince-net - numismatica  
The collection of astrid: Collectionistas de Monedas y Billetes  
The collection of coinsarefun: CoinsAreFun  
The collection of sujit_kumar: Sujit Mahapatra  
The collection of Roslanh: Koleksi..Koleksi..Koleksi  
The collection of AnnetteAmsterdam: Annette's Coins  
The collection of fada: Coins & Banknotes   
The collection of FelixEshed: Felix Eshed Coins  
The collection of G_Axelsson: Svenska besittningar och deras myntning  
The collection of Haseeb78: Chiefa Coins Database with World Rulers  
The collection of dfriedman: FORVM ANCIENT COINS  
The collection of tom1410: CoinsBook  
The collection of Limon: Limon Collection and Double List   
The collection of ciscoins: CIS coins      
The collection of pery:  
The collection of COINMAN1: CoinMan1 Collection  
The collection of tbabinszki: Blind Coin Collector  
The collection of giunone: Monete-WorldCoins     
The collection of Mitya: NUMIZMATIKA  
The collection of julien226:    
The collection of Widlicka: Vilem Rehak  
The collection of Dmitry Artemov: Dmitry Artemov coins & banknotes website  
The collection of annovi.frizio:  
The collection of andrewdotcoza: Andrew On Coins  
The collection of Sarf:  
The collection of Megas: Megas Homepage  
The collection of bumaga: Coin catalog Russia  
The collection of Clozy: Clozy  
The collection of Mallorca: Numismàtica balear  
The collection of banshidhar83: Coin Collection - My Hobby  
The collection of AlbertoVN: VisualNumis  
The collection of medved: World Coins    
The collection of MW0GKX:  
The collection of Reginaremi: Numismatica di Regina  
The collection of mangobear: COIN CENTRAL  
The collection of dilshad786:  
The collection of Sumair: Muntenruil en verkooplijst Gradus Verwoert.  
The collection of robtpage: ​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III  
The collection of zumbo: Marcel's Coin Collection  
The collection of vardo: elnumismatico  
The collection of istvan75: Istvan Harmati  
The collection of zedsys32: Collezione Privata Zed  
The collection of josse:  
The collection of Akuhobikoleksi15: AKU, HOBI & KOLEKSI     
The collection of anantha.narayanan: Coins I Love...!  
The collection of Intenns:  
The collection of murkemar: Mart Mürkel's collection of coins and banknotes  
The collection of VMNV33: Notas do Mundo  

Collections focused on a country

The currency of Costa Rica of laverdecr: Laverde's Page    
The currency of India of kidromeo: India Coin News  
The currency of Asia of TENGU67: collection de monnaies asiatiques  
The currency of France of minas62: Les 4 Rois Louis  
The currency of India of malvingore: Republic India coin collection   
The currency of Slovakia of didi83: COIN COLLECTING  
The currency of Spain of DAZAYA: Corvera Coins  
The currency of France of triton: les francs fautées  
The currency of Belarus of groshy-by: Coins Belarus  
The currency of Brazil of Giovanni Miceli: Brasil Moedas   
The currency of british india of seenavincent: British India Coins   
The currency of USA of Jaylee: JayleesCoins  
The currency of Argentina of mcalniquer: The history of the currency of Argentina    
The currency of Roman of Bacchus: Diadumenian  
The currency of Ecuador of fuyaguari: Numismática del Ecuador  
The currency of Princely States of India of raoprabhakara: MY COLLECTIONS  
The currency of Portugal of  
The currency of Sri Lanka of lakdiva: LakdivaCoins Collection  
The currency of Maurice of sir_kneighf: Mauritius Coins   
The currency of Philippine of chaoticyesterday: barya at perang papel  
The currency of France of Potator II: MONNAIES DE LA DOMBES   
The currency of China of avl: SAPEQUE.COM  
The currency of Roman of Dardanvs: Les Monnaies de Valentinien Ier  
The currency of Morocco of ancienne:  
The currency of Canada of muckwa: Canadian Numismatic Publishing Institute  
The currency of Morocco of Zabun: Islamic and Moroccan coins collector  
The currency of Roman of Siliquae: Siliquae  
The currency of catalogs of augusto55: Catalogs Augusto  
The currency of Tunisia of tunisianumismatica: Tunisie Numismatique   
The currency of France of Numisb62: Passion-Monnaie  
The currency of China of manymore: Primal Trek  
The currency of Italy of rosso_rubino: mycoins  
The currency of India of arpit404: YOUNGEST COIN COLLECTOR  
The currency of France of numismate93: Collection de pièces françaises en francs  
The currency of Asia of manuD: ASIAN CASH COINS  
The currency of Australia of Australian Coin Info: Australian Coin Info  
The currency of India of manish mehta: Wonder Coins  

Thematic collections

mifrjoar's coins collection on the theme of FAO: Fiat Panis - Es werde Brot  
Klementz's coins collection on the theme of Animals: Daniel's Coin Zoo  
lucky666's coins collection on the theme of Fantasy Coins and Copy: Lucky 666 oz  


The euros of EUROCOLLEZIONE: eurocollezione    
The euros of remy95480: Collection euro de Rémy  
The euros of dededuchau: Mes Euros  
The euros of michjack: Eurosjolmic   
The euros of trilark: Pièces Euro Clippées  
The euros of pikarun: Stano's circulated coins wish list  
The euros of bofried: 2 Euro Gedenkmünzen   
The euros of el182592: ECU/EURO ±1975/1998  
The euros of Fedone70: Monete Euro  
The euros of anguswalker: euro collection  
The euros of yann65:  

Useful links

The useful link of inscriptor: the Creounity Time Machine    
The useful link of atik82:   
The useful link of Thilo: Thilo's Era Converter    
The useful link of 1093i3511: Rings  


The blog of worldnumismatics: Coins & Banknotes of the World  
The blog of Bunchi: La colección de monedas de Sebastián   
The blog of Cerulean: Coin catalog Russia  
The blog of moedasdopedro: ...MOEDAS DO PEDRO…  
The blog of mstegar: Numizmatika  
The blog of Dutchgalego: Dutchgalego Coins  
The blog of Nelson Duran: numismaticomundial  
The blog of 323kev: Ma collection de francs  
The blog of alain3013: GARDDETECTION  
The blog of prankster: Uwielbiam Monety i Banknoty  
The blog of Robson: Numismatedetahiti  
The blog of sharad_ankit: The Coin Album  
The blog of frederouen: Numismate Hercule  
The blog of Gian Agra: Koin Kuno  
The blog of marcel.jung: bankovky-a-mince  
The blog of diniznumismatica: Diniz Numismatica  
The blog of TimurNN: Blog Timur Husyainova  
The blog of turbocharger: Numizmatika  
The blog of gegeone: Ounce upon a time  
The blog of SanjayKM: Sanjay as numismatic  
The blog of Obiegowe: Monety Obiegowe  
The blog of esnible: A Gift For Polydektes   
The blog of Pouish: Collection de monnaies  


liegeois is member of: Cercle Numismatique Liégeois  
abeilleecureuil is member of: Marignane Numismatique  
numis13006 is member of: Marignane Numismatique  
vileda is member of: Oulun Numismaattinen Kerho r.y.  
pesce-numismatique is member of: Marignane Numismatique  


donax is registred on:  
jaimepg is registred on: OmniCoin  
Akdeveli is registred on: OmniCoin  
Fabriziodg91 is registred on:  
Notka is registred on: VK  
eudald is registred on: coleccionista Eudald  
kulasinghe is registred on: OmniCoin  
MGDCA is registred on: CollecOnline            
akadotour is registred on: VK  
bizzzon is registred on: VK  


Meet bandadolopes on the forum of: numismatas  
Meet Pumatem on the forum of: Communida Numismatica Virtual  
Meet B12 on the forum of: Münzchat  
Meet elfo on the forum of: Reverso y Anverso  
Meet lvelazco88 on the forum of: Comunidad Numismatica Virtual  
Meet coinshunter on the forum of: Coins Hunter  
Meet iigaug on the forum of: Monnaies de l'Empire Gaulois  

Detection coins

The detection coins of krakken: Don't Stop Digging!   
The detection coins of franckomas34: franckomas34  


The banknotes of mauritiuscollector: Mauritius Bank Notes 1930-1999  
The banknotes of giampersa:  
The banknotes of utuado: Manuel O. Gonzalez Banknotes    
The banknotes of dlm-numista: DLM   
The banknotes of ghazi4: banknotescollector  arabe   
The banknotes of nilaish.esquire: NIKKET POKHARRNA  
The banknotes of KAJACQUES: KAJACQUES numismatique  


The shop of turtleoverhead: turtleoverhead  
The shop of François_le_Français: Numismatix  
The shop of chankers: e-numismatic  
The shop of Lawrence Chard: Chard  
The shop of pietr: Collect Casais  
The shop of pairadocsattic: PairADocsAttic   
The shop of m_hori: tukemai  
The shop of gundars: the Chest of Coins  
The shop of sesambestcoins2004: Coin House SESAM            
The shop of Andrey: AVS Coins   
The shop of XATA: xatacoins  
The shop of nvmvs: N V M V S  
The shop of juantrillo: Jnumix  
The shop of romanz:  
The shop of marubkn: MarudharArts  
The shop of bankjegyekcom:  
The shop of LUV2JOURNEY: Abacus Coins & Bullion  
The shop of NUMIS SHOP  
The shop of greatcoinauction: OLD INDIAN COINS  
The shop of sulovilen: AKI SIPPOLA'S COIN  
The shop of jairosouza02: Numismatica Souza  
The shop of Aaronrat700*: PGS Gold & Coin  
The shop of Silberschatz:  
The shop of AU24K: "GIT 'ER HERE!!!"   
The shop of Chris269: Viva Coins  
The shop of nico16: Nicolas Quentin Numismatiqu  
The shop of mathieuv85:  
The shop of methusela: Harpagon Coins  
The shop of priviet:  
The shop of VaniaTigre69: Nova Mania  
The shop of FredWeinberg:  
The shop of hurleycoins: Hurley Coins & Collectibles  
The shop of somilie:  
The shop of jnsiemens: JNSiemens  
The shop of imdvs: World Coins And Banknotes  
The shop of piggolo: The Coin Cellar  


The page of coinwriter1979: Coin World  
The page of Marco9: CERTIFICATION WAC